"Hohle Gestalt" (Hollow Figures) is a series of works about the place where I grew up, where I come from. Full series is 25 works. 

Sponsored by the scholarship program of the Free State of Bavaria "Junge Kunst und neue Wege".

Gefördert durch das Stipendienprogramm des Freistaats Bayern „Junge Kunst und neue Wege".


 unnamed (Geologie), front, 2021, 160 x 145 cm, Organza, Polyester



 unnamed (Wege), front, 2021, 145 x 145 cm, Organza, Polyester



 unnamed (Luftwege), front, 2021, 150 x 145 cm Organza, Polyester



Dylen (Surveillance), 2022, 120 x 75 cm, Cotton, Satin, Polyester, Organza



Friedhof (Surveillance), 2022, 95 x 90 cm, Satin, Polyester, Organza



Havran (Surveillance), 2022 , 115 x 68 cm, Cotton, Satin, Polyster, Organza



US/EU/JP, 2022, 145 x 150 cm, Organza Polyester



HH/BY/CZ, 2022, 145 x 150 cm, Organza, Polyester



GB/RB/AS, 2022, 145 x 150 cm, Organza, Polyester

But everybody wants you to be just like them, front and back, 2022, 88 x 65 cm, Cotton, Satin, Organza



Roots/Wurzel, front and back, 2022, 100 x 76 cm, Cotton, Satin, Silk, Organza



Hohle Gestalten II (Specht), front and back, 2022, 87 x 66 cm, Cotton, Polyester, Satin



Some Sketches of Landscapes, front and back, 2022, all approx. 30 x 40 cm,

Cotton, Satin, Silk, Polyester, Organza