Some works made during my residency of Kultur Kontakt Kreativ Regensburg and Depo2015 Plzeń in Plzeń, Czechia in July 2021

Like in Dresden and Bremerhaven I also talked and tried to talk to as many People of Plzen, what they like and dislike, what they think of Plzen and Czechia and how they feel integrated in the World now and then. 




Untitled (Plzeń Map), Height 190 cm x 90 cm, back and front view, free machine embroidery on transparent Organza




Družba Plzeń, 48 cm x 37 cm, appliqué  and free machine embroidery on cotton canvas





D-CZ II, 90 cm x 150 cm, front and back, free machine embroidery - a map of "my" part of south east Germany, Plzen and Praha, Czechia - front places with different contact frequencies, back with representation of time




„Spejbl & Hurivnek“ (Softpower)" 37/54 x 27 cm, front and back, freemachineembroidery and appliqué





„Architektura“, 110 x 83 cm, front and back, free machine embroidery and appliqué